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You Me At Six

March 11, 2019

You could say that the number six seems to pop up a lot with this band. Supporting their 6th studio album appropriately titled VI; which also debuted on the UK album chart at #6, English boys You Me At Six came to the Teragram Ballroom in Los Angeles, California on the back side of their Back Again Tour. According to lead singer, Josh Franceschi, YMAS was formed in 2006 and released their first studio album Take Off Your Colours on October 6, 2008 launching the band up to the 25th spot on the UK album charts for their first time out, but it was the fourth studio album Cavalier Youth that debuted the band at #1 on the UK album charts.

Giving the California fans an energetic opener with “Fast Forward” off the newest release, they pumped the crowd before launching into “Lived A Lie” from Cavalier Youth followed by two from the Sinners Never Sleep album with “Reckless” and “Lover Boy”. The band included a few from the Night People album; which they’ve stated has not been their favorite release, but gave it some love with “Night People,” “Take On The World,” and “Give”.  Franceschi does an admiral job of engaging fans during the show with interactive questions, gestures or physically making contact, he even at one point had the light engineer turn off every light in the venue and encouraged the crowd  to use their phones to light up the house making it a very intimate moment between band and fans.


From their growing catalog of songs, YMAS managed to hit on all their albums with show closer “Underdog” the only single from the Hold Me Down album. Sadly “Stay With Me” was not in our setlist in LA so I’ll just have to wait to hear it at a future date; as having gained their footing again with VI, these boys from Surrey are looking like they're far from being done.

YMAS Members:  Josh Franceschi, Max Helyer, Chris Miller, Matt Barnes and Dan Flint

Teragram Ballroom

Los Angeles ~ California

Opening Acts:


Photos By: Ceol Photography

~Jessica Jones

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