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I’ll come out and say this, I’m super biased with this band. Everything about this is raw and I truly believe that when you are watching them you are getting a special moment in time with music. Since the first time I heard “Are You Satisfied” on some tv show I’ve wanted to see if this translated well live. 


Reignwolf came to the House of Blues on an unusually cold Houston, TX night, Thursday November 11. The show was only what I could describe as intimate. No matter how small the space was, the guys still came out and performed like they did back at a large festival. I had heard rumors and seen some past videos and pictures. The energy was infectious! I’ve never seen 1 human like Jordan Cook manage to sing the way he does while running around with a mic in his hand while still playing a guitar! It was absolutely insane. When he wasn’t playing a guitar during musical breaks the raunch that came from David “Stitch” Rapaport’s bass was just so big sounding. It was in a tight lock Joseph Braley on the drums. It was big and loud and lose but tight and intimate. I really do want more. 


These guys released their first full album, “Hear Me Out” in early 2019 and seem to have wrapped up their fall touring. When they do announce the next tour though, I’m leaving my camera at home so I can focus on what this three piece does so well. They just throw one hell of a show! 

House of Blues

Houston, TX

Photos & Words By: ~  Mike Victorick