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Up and coming bands dream of the big break. The tour that’s going to get them exposure to potential fans and launch them up to a new level. OF LIMBO was on their way to one such tour, set to open for 36 dates with Blacktop Mojo and Joyous Wolf, traveling from Long Beach, California to North Carolina when their plans took a violent detour. On the morning of April 29th, the rear tire of their van blew on an Oklahoma highway sending the vehicle through a guard rail and rolling several times down a ditch before coming to rest in a mangle of metal. It was an accident that one would expect tragedy; but in a miraculous turn, all four members survived. Drummer Juan Paz was ejected from the van and suffered a broken collar bone while lead singer Jake Davies was tangled upside down in the wreckage, his leg caught in the ravaged remains where he had to be released by the jaws of life with the looming possibility of amputation. Unbelievably, Jake’s brother and guitarist Luke Davies and bassist Herbie Brady walked away rather unscathed and were assisted by dozens of motorists that were witness to the accident and stopped to offer help. Continuing their good fortune, Jake’s leg was saved with emergency surgery and after months of physical therapy is able to be the energetic, fast moving entity he is on stage once again. In October 2018, Of Limbo took the stage after performances by fellow SoCal bands 

Laced in BlueBearwulf and best friends, Joyous Wolf, for the Resurrection Show at the The Slidebar Rock N Roll Kitchen in Fullerton, CA. It was the first time performing since the accident, and their come back show showcased a new single premier of “Nicotine.” By watching them on stage, you would never know the obstacles they faced physically after the accident and their good time, party attitudes are fully intact embracing and celebrating life after coming so close to losing it. Now that they’re back where they need to be, watch for Of Limbo to flourish as they’ve played a flurry of shows over the few short weeks since their first show back; including opening for Wolfmother in two separate shows in SoCal, while headlining local shows around their Long Beach home base. Now that the fire has been relit, expect Of Limbo to light it up in the upcoming year, and I’m betting it’s not long before they get their second chance at a national tour.

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