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December 13, 2018

The last few years have had a focused awareness on mental health with recent tragedies in music and entertainment; although we all have a ways to go, it is a step in the right direction in shattering stigmas and bringing forward the underlying problems of those suffering on a daily basis. Memphis May Fire frontman, Matty Mullins, has been especially vocal and open about his crippling anxiety disorder that manifested after a frightening flight during a storm prior to writing the “Unconditional” album. Highlighted on the sixth studio album “Broken” is the song “The Old Me” which focuses on Mullins’ struggle with depression and anxiety. The song dropped in September of last year two months prior to the record release in November. The voice behind the decade old band is quoted as saying that this album in particular was written in an honest way to encourage people who are struggling to feel understood and to be known. “It’s OK to feel broken. I’m broken, too,” says Mullins. This album more so than the previous five is more rock and less of the heavy screaming vocals with the focus on the songwriting and the message, but still maintains the heaviness that is Memphis May Fire. Closing out 2018, the band joined Atreyu on their “In Our Wake” tour. This marked the first time the two bands appeared on tour together and was poignant for Mullins who as a teen working at Hot Topic remembers his first purchase was Atreyu’s “The Cursed” hoodie. 2019  only has a February appearance and a May festival currently scheduled for concerts, but that’s guaranteed to change and this is one band you want to catch live. In the meantime give “Broken” a listen, it’s on a heavy rotation in my current playlist with songs, like “You & Me” and “Live Another Day,” that just dig deep.


Anaheim ~ California

Photos By: Ceol Photography

~Jessica Jones

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