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January 27, 2019

Like A Storm kicked off the SiriusXM Octane Accelerator Headline Tour in Anaheim, California, which also happened to be a hometown show for drummer Zach Wood; the only one in the band without the last name of Brooks. Brothers Kent, Matt and Chris round out the lineup which started in Auckland, New Zealand ten years ago. While the band gathered fan support from their live shows early on, radio success didn’t come until 2014 with the release of “Love the Way You Hate Me” featuring the band’s now trademark sound with Chris’ didgeridoo solo mid song.  Appearing first on the EP “Chaos Theory PT 1” and then on the second full length album “Awaken The Fire,” the anthem propelled the Kiwi band into the American rock spotlight and garnered them the spot of the highest charted New Zealand band on American charts in radio history. The band’s popularity and recognition is still growing and while this tour might be hitting the smaller venues until the end of February, it will be a unique opportunity for you as fans to get up close and personal before they hit the big leagues. March will see the boys opening for Godsmack on a UK/Europe tour promoting their third full length album “Catacombs,” which dropped in June of last year. LAS recently released the newest single “Complicated - Stitches & Scars” off the album and is one of the songs you’ll hear live along with “Pure Evil” and “The Devil Inside” from the new stock; but don’t despair, with the extended set time you’ll hear all the old favorites, including the cover of “Gangsters Paradise.” With openers Florida natives Afterlife and the Canadian band Royal Tusk on board, you’ll get a packed night of international metal mayhem.


Anaheim ~ California

Photos By: Ceol Photography ~  Jessica Jones

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