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On October 7th in the heart of Fenway in Boston, Massachusetts, Lansdowne Street was abuzz… but not because of a Red Sox game. Instead, fans were lined up for night one of a two-night run by buzzing pop artist Lauv (born Ari Leff). Hailing from San Francisco, California, Lauv is an artist who wears his heart on his sleeve and is incredibly honest about his struggles with mental illness - both in his music and his live performance. Beautifully-arranged LCD panels lined the stage, presenting messages and breathtaking visuals throughout the entirety of his set. Lauv showed Boston that there is light to be found even in the darkest of days, as during an intermission he narrated a story of his own journey to happiness. In addition to the concert itself, Lauv also brings “My Blue Thoughts” to each show, a booth that acts as a space for concert-goers to self-reflect and write down anonymous thoughts, confessions, and concerns to bring some relief. This was a night to remember full of love, happiness, a little bit of sadness, and a whole lot of dancing, and it is clear that Lauv cares deeply about the impact that his music has on the well-being and happiness of his fans.


Lauv’s “How I’m Feeling” tour kicked off in Washington, DC on October 5th, and continues across the continental US before continuing overseas to Europe, New Zealand, and Australia. Check out our photo gallery from the show, and see the rest of his tour dates in link above!

House of Blues

Boston, Mass

Photos and words: Lisa Eggleston


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