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His Royal Majesty the King graced us with his presence and brought his faithful jesters to us, his citizens and admirers gathering at The Mayan in the province known as Los Angeles, and laid waste! Arriving on his kingly throne, he brought great cheers from the subjects who came to pay homage. Being much pleased with the reception, he rewarded us with his very skillful and exuberant playing of his royal scepter that brought rapture to the crowd and shouts of joy along with being joined by the enthusiastic Royal Orchestra there was much rejoicing! Jester Johannes Eckerström led the festive occasion with much vigor as his surging and titillating voice rolled through the confines of our edifice. While comrades Henrik Sandelin and Tim Öhrström joined the Glorious King in triumphant displays of headbanging with such great ecstasy and fervor that one would expect to see a head roll; but alas, all heads remained attached to necks and shoulders alike. Drum master John Alfredsson brought the wild beat that could be felt like a throbbing pulse throughout the crowd driving them to pump their fists into the air and to throw the hallowed horns to our Gods. Avatar Country truly reigned supreme on this night. As the festivities eventually came to an ultimate and climatic end, we left with lightened hearts and anticipation of the next time our beloved King comes to bestow his gifts upon us.

The Mayan

Los Angeles ~ California

Photos By: Ceol Photography  ~  Jessica Jones

Avatar Tour
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